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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And NOW it HURTS to stay at HOME

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Art Theratea

New "Art Theratea" Combines Art Therapy & Tea, Improves Overall Health

"A new product was released today that, if consumed, will improve your overall health. It combines the healing powers of art therapy with the replenishing properties of tea. It is called “Art Theratea” and the FTC has approved it for its mental and physical healing capability."

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pink Terror With Stephen Hawking

Check out this creative art video from Mike Barzman and Christian Swegal, called Pink Terror. It contains bits of audio interview from Stephen Hawking and was shot at a very high frame per second rate to achieve the super slow motion effect. art therapy blog

Pink Terror With Stephen Hawking Transcript

Stephen Hawking:
My illness has made very little difference to my scientific work. I was lucky to have chosen theoretical physics that is mainly pure thought for which my physical disability is no handicap. I may be mentally disabled as well, but if so, I am too far gone to realize.
I think everyone wants to know where we came from and how the universe began. The cosmos can help us find answers to those questions. Hopefully when we understand how the universe began, it will give us a clue as to why it began the way it did or even why it began at all.
You once said that the work of physics would be like mountaineering, climbing a mountain, or climbing Everest, mountaineering after Everest. What did you mean?
Stephen Hawking:
I would have thought it was fairly obvious what I meant. If we ever do find a complete theory of the universe, it would be a great triumph of human reason, but it wouldn’t leave much for us to do. We need an intellectual challenge.
This is a yes or no…It would be the greatest achievement of science since Einstein’s theory of relativity.
Stephen Hawking:
Yes…It has taken about 4 million years for life on earth to develop in the present stage. But now the man-made dangers to our survival are much greater (…). If we remain confined to planet Earth, sooner or later we will destroy ourselves. The only long-term survival plan that works is to spread out into space. The sooner we start the better.
What are we not doing to prevent these disasters that we absolutely should be doing?
Stephen Hawking:
Not having sufficient urgency about climate change.
You think we will survive?
Stephen Hawking:

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